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Grand Adventure OOP BoxArt

Grand Adventure OOP

An OOP C++ Rebuild of Grand Adventure. Grand Adventure was a very silly little text adventure that a friend and I wrote as a final project our first year of C++ in highschool. Several years later, I got my hands on the code and gave it the obligatory once over. As a reult of co-workers as testers and a few years of additional experience we now have the OOP Edition complete with game saves!


TinyGame BoxArt


A Very Tiny Game! A very simple little invaders style thingy. The original XNA version is under 80 lines of code. The Java port took quite a bit more (somewhere near 150 lines I believe).

Win/Mac/Linux (Java)  Windows (XNA)  WP7 (XNA) [Untested] 

Alpha Blasters BoxArt

Alpha Blasters

Enjoy frantic fast paced action in this 2d shooter with two distinct game modes. In Currency War you take control of a Yen ship and try to survive against an onslaught of opposing forces. In Alpha Roids, try to smash the bigger rocks before getting smashed to bits! Online High Scores let you see how you stack up against the world!

XBox 360